Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

ai: E.J. Wesley


in today's episode we superspeed through the news
then interview E.J. Wesley, author of the MOONSONGS series
Book One of which is now availabe

e.j. links:
BLOOD FUGUE on Amazon  (only 99cents)
BLOOD FUGUE on Goodreads
E.J.'s Blog
NA Lit Chat Blog

news links:

The Poignancy of Media for Youth
Johnny Depp Literary Imprint
SHADOW AND BONE by dreamworks!!!
SLAMMED optioned
self-pubbed quantities
B&N credit card hack
John Franklin Stephens vs Anne Coulter
S&S restructure
month9books OPEN

Rose Cooper: 2-book deal with Random House DEAD SERIOUS
Lisa Amowitz VISION

Friday, October 12, 2012

episode 18: our worst pod ever


heya guys!
in this week's episode we kinda...  ramble.
this is what happens when you combine a lack of direction with legal drugs.  O.O
hope you enjoy.

bullying survey
disney paper sourcing
A WRINKLE IN TIME graphic novelization
EMBRACE the cw
YA mash-up trends

Friday, August 31, 2012

episode 14: squeals of terror

back cover of WINGER  (from andrew smith's facebook)


heya guys!
in this week's episode em and i discuss some experiences that have chilled us to the core... or at least made our toes a little cool...

flash fiction contest
WINGER cover and illustration process (in a small part)

Friday, August 24, 2012

episode 13: em's going to be a size z????

self-portrait by emily white (of the future)


check out the rack on katniss...
image credit

heya guys!
another more free form episode this week... but what's cRaZy about this episode???
miss em makes a shocking confession about a pet fantasy she's been harboring for i don't know how long.
tune in and be prepared for a jaw-dropping good time...
image credit

Brain Hive e-book lending service
SoHo Teen new imprint
Strange Chemistry new imprint
Woman Get's Suprise on Receipt
Insta-Love in YA post
Sarah Fine's series on writer's block -post #1

Deals Announced this Week:
Kelly Hashway's THE MONSTER WITHIN to Spencer Hill Press coming April 2014